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Hammering thoughts can't be added using console



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Have you tried using just “Hammering”?


It’s a shot in the dark but it worked for me with a companion name that had two words; using the first one made the console pick him up.

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No, that doesn't work, but you can put in in quatation marks like so:


addabiliy <whoever> "hammering thoughts"


This can be done with everything that has a space in between, also player names.


Anyway: if you don't know what the correct command is you can always start with the first letters like "ham" (without quot. marks) and then hit [tab] - the console will try to complete your command. In this case I just type (withoput quat. marks): "addab"->[tab]->"play"->tab->"ham"->[tab]->[enter]. This will be completed to AddAbilty Player_<whoever> "Hammering Thoughts".

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