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Elemental and Damage over-time

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Does Deadfire Elemental and DoTs work the same as Pillars? For me i would have like that Burn, Freeze, Shock, Corrode are DoTs and Fire, Ice, Lightning and Acid damage are pure damage types. It would be nice if the secondary damage types have different effects like Slow for Freeze, Terrified  for Burning, Stun for Shock and Armor Reduction for Corrode damage.


Was wondering if it will work the same for Deadfire just like Pillars?

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I'm not entirely sure why there'd be a need to have different types of "pure damage".

Isn't the whole point of "pure damage" is that they're not resisted by anything and having different types of "pure damage" would just be redundant or would simply lead them to no longer being "pure damage"?


I'm just confused.

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