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New classroom furniture


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After many years of using terrible desks, some with loose electrical wiring and jagged edges, I am getting a chance to order new furniture for my classroom. I'm torn between a couple options so I figured I'd bug you guys about it.


I would really like to get some furniture that students can stand at. I hate sitting for long stretches and I know it isn't easy on middle schoolers. It would look like this:




My concern here is that they seem like than can break pretty easily. Given my current furniture is older than me, I don't know when I will ever get replacements. They are also pricey, so I don't know if I can get the funding. They come with nice chairs though.


My other thinking is something that is easy to move and can connect together well. I move my furniture somewhat regularly depending on whether we are doing group work, tests, etc.





They connect together well and look durable. They also are about half the price.


Anyone have any thoughts? Should I go revolutionary or traditional?

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Its hard to sleep when you stand tho :/

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Yeah... something like this:




Make the little b------s stand! It will be really gratifying that class after PE!


In all seriousness though go with the second option. You and they will be happier with the flexibility.

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We have standing desks that drop down to regular desks. There is only one guy in the whole office who only stands and most in the office just sits the whole time. I mostly just sit and take breaks to walk around the building to stretch my legs. I also take push up breaks so maybe I'm a little weird too but I need to get in at least 100 at work

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I recently switched to an adjustable stand up desk at work and my routine is to start the day at the stand position and move down to sitting position after lunch if I need to. I’ve found that it’s really important to wear well-cushioned comfortable shoes — preferably sneakers. Traded out my oxfords and bluchers for a pair of classy New Balance’s. Additionally, having a padded mat to stand on is a must. Mine comes with a choice of three balancing spheres of varying hardness the size of tennis balls set on a grooved canal running vertically on the mat.


I really like the setup. The fact that I can justify wearing trainers to work is a bonus.

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