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Ondra's Reaction to the Watcher in Council of Stars after White March 2

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Hey everyone,


there is something I don't understand.


As far as I understood Ondra came to realize that she wanted the Eyeless destroyed too. And what she absolutely did not want is for Abydon to remember and become the way that he was before.


Well, but that's exactly what I did in White March 2. I let the Eyeless return to Abydon. I did NOT temper with his memory. He should remember everything.


I did everything that Ondra did NOT want. And yet she was rather calm, friendly or neutral at the Council of Stars. She only acknowledged that I had destroyed the Eyeless and that was it, which was strange because I sent them back to Abydon. Not sure if that would count as "destroying" them.


Anyway I expected Ondra to be outraged at me! Why wasn't she furious with me?


Hope someone can help me understand :)

Thanks guys

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It would be explained simply by the devs not taking into account Ondra and Abydon's reactions in White March when you talk to the various gods in the Council of Stars. It's a problem with an expansion inserting itself midway into the game with little interaction with the rest of the game.


If you wanted a lore based explaination, I don't think there is one.

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Abydon died, you used the parts of him that lived in the Eyeless to reconstruct him, as far i remember, while the eyeless was a part of Abydon, had no Abydon's memories, they know what the eyeless knew and what you told them.

You didn't erase his memory, just convince him to change his mind

Odra wanted to stop the Eyeless, and as a consecquence, destroy it.

Remember that Odra loved Abydon, but yes, i was expecting her to mention the return of Abydon

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