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Are fire arms going to be better

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I don't know about lacking late game punch. Once properly debuffed my Caroc can one hit (or six hit) a lot of the mobs with a blunderbuss and deal massive damage to the rest. I'm only level 12 working through WM2, so maybe things are different in Act 4.


I don't think firearms were ever intended to be used like bows were. They were meant for one or two good hits, then switched out for either another gun, or something with better sustain.


Also, most of the cooldown issues with firearms is in the reload, which is unaffected by armor recovery penalty. This means that for a heavily armored character, firearms are more viable than bows.


Also, may want to check out this thread of mine: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/93637-request-duel-wield-pistols-but-with-reload-penalty/

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Afaik firearms will be affected indirectly:

- For example reloading phase in Deadfire will now be influenced by recovery-reducing/increasing stuff

- Also we will be able to dual-wield them, which results in a huge buff to the initial burst


Firearms never seemed to be designed as a steady dps solution; rather as alpha-strike tool and also as a backup mean vs really high-DR (high-Pen?) targets.

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I don't think we'd be able to dual-wield arquebuses and blunderbusses, which are basically rifles, unless Josh Sawyer said that we can.


And yeah, the reloading phase will be improved.


Also, there will be a new type of firearm, grenade launcher, which is like an AOE firearm. The bombs that you can use are previewed in the latest news update.

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