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Deathblows works for spells too



This is a quote from Boeroer (the best build builder around):


" It's not only Prestidigitator's Missiles - it's like that with all damaging abilites (including spells) that are not bound to weapon usage: they all don't work with Sneak Attack, but with Deathblows.


Apprentice's Sneak Attack and Sneak Attack don't work with any spell-like ability, only with weapon attacks. Deathblows works with every damaging effect. Maybe it's a bug, maybe it's intended, I don't know. "


I would definitely think that this is a bug, so I post it in this part of the forum too.

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I think it is supposed to do " + 100% melee damage, +100% ranged damage"

They forgot the word "melee" and now it works for all damage.

According to your image, the question is if it makes 100% or 200% ranged damage.


Well, only the devs know what is intended and what not.

Or they don´t know it too and just declare it to be intended that way ;)

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It's far from the best feature of high level rogues but yep I reckon it was a bug that worked out ok :)

So, I'm curious: which high lvl ability or feature of rogues is better than Deathblows (that work with spells)? Smoke Cloud? Shadow Step? Feign Death? Sap? ;)

Edited by Boeroer

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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