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Hel creating melee character focused on pike/polearms

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Hi Guys,


I wanted to create a melee fighter but focus at using polearm/pikes.


I dont if any one tried that but I am thinking what class will be best to use in that scenario. Fighter / Barbarian or maybe rogue


Also what particular weapons you consider getting for this character in the category of pikes/polearms. Thanks in advance :)

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Also what particular weapons you consider getting for this character in the category of pikes/polearms. Thanks in advance :)

It's not like there is much of a choice between uniques from these two weapon types..


There is the classic barbarian build with Tall Grass. It's less dpsy/bursty than Tidefall/BoteP/DW Sabres builds, but it has the ability to inflict prone on crit; plus the predatory property makes it a bit easier.


There are also a few niche/situational builds like:

- Tal Grass fighter with Overbearing Guard and bonus Engagements

- The Wind's Arm fighter, who debufs enemy concentration; and is used to help an interruption barbarian

- Wizard with the summoned Citzal's Lance (which is considered a pike iirc)

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Barbs with pikes (reach weapon) have one huge advantage that is often overlooked: they can place the center of the carnage much better than with a normal melee weapon. For them it's a lot easier to reach more enemies with a strike.


Also, since barbs start kind of squishy but grow sturdier and sturdier with every level, it's a good way to avoid getting attacked in the early game (attack from behind the front line). Later you can be a really great flanker. Once the enemies build a bulk you come from the side and poke right into their middle. If enemies got CC'd a bit (blind is a great affliction) then it's easy for the barb to prone them all with Tall Grass + Carnage.


Rogue + pike is also a good option. Herr the main advatage is the avoidance of direkt contact with the enemy.


Fighter is better off with dual wielding or a nice non-reach two hander in my opinion.


Wizard with pike is nothing special until you can summon Spirit Lance, which is awesome. But you don't have to use a pike as backup weapon. Spirit Lance works with every Weapon Focus. So a quarterstaff or any other two hander (pollaxe?) would do, too. Wind's Arm comes very late, but Zephyr aura (debuffs concentration) and Expose Vulnerabilities (also debuffs concentration) stack.

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id definitely recommend a barb with high perception, Int and tall grass. The reach with a pike helps immensely with carnage and predatory and durgan steel, well it's brutally effective. Not as much dps as dual wielding wetoki and another axe, but tall grass critts a noticeable amount more. Great crowd control and a decent amount of damage. Also tall grass can be accessed early and lasts untill the end of the game. Only issue, it's necessary to pick up a back up weapon with a different damage type.

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