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"Enchanting System" in PoE II

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Hi everyone!

How do you see the new enchantment system?
What weaknesses did the system have in the first part?
What would be worth changing?

I really liked the quest with the spear of Cladhaliath, there weren't enough variations, but this is certainly the correct way to create a truly legendary weapon!

I would like to see in the PoE II such a quest, in which it will be possible to choose the type of weapon and the variation from absolutely any amplification.

For example: a one-handed sword with a bonus for speed (+20% Attack Speed), a chance to stun the target (Attacks can Stun on Crits) and a bonus to damage reduction (+3 DR bypass) - this enchantments would spend 8 enchantment points out of 14, and in the future such a sword could be made a Superb.

Share your ideas! :aiee:


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All I can remember about the new system is some weapons can't have certain enchantments. I'm fine with that I guess.

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I want crafting to be part of the world and the lore. This implies:


-Learning about it by lore, by NPC dialogues who make a living of it. Finding books or pieces of ancient lore painted on a wall of forsaken ruins (or whatever) which describe ingredients and their effects, along with places you may be able to find them, and a bit of base scientific hints about them, like botany for plants. One could read it if interested or ditch the reading. Obviously, the data you find should be useful. You should truly be able to guess where to find this refined metal you need to enchant your sword with this glinting, blinding effect, at least if you know enough about the lore linked to the archipelago. Make reading walls of text rewarding. Please, do not include this in the journal like the bestiary. I want to have look for it by myself.


-Find real stores in the cities where you could find ingredients, NPC to learn about it, and crafting workbenches (rather than just having to press a dumb icon in a UI while wandering in the desert). I want to sense that enchantment and crafting is a real thing. That there is an economy for that. A guild maybe, or whatever. Just it being mentionned by NPC should be enough to make me feel that there are people everywhere, existing, living, making things, even if i don't always see them. A short questline to explore deeper how things work would be best. Like you learn how work the Vailian Trading Company ruled by Verzano (i guess) in Pillars 1.


-Recipes that make sense. No systematic 1 gem, 1 creature ingredient and copper just as a money sink (i really dislike this, this makes no sense). Less of the sameness in the recipes. I want to be able to guess what a recipe do (and the lore i mentioned should help about it). I don't see, either, why every recipe would need 3 ingredients. Some could need 2 and others 5. No need to make every damn sort of creature drop a kind of ingredient. There must be wholly useless beings in the word, regarding crafting. Most should actually. If dropping crafting ingredient in the 1st game was a way to make the player feel rewarded for fights that would grant no experience, then find something else, because after the 50th wing of XXX, it does not work anymore. Or just bring back experience for combat.


-Finding recipes through quests, exploration and stores.


-More recipes and enchantments. Like in more varied (not more powerful). Some with utility purposes. I don't want OP combinations. Just some very specific enchantments that do not overlap these of unic items. Things that can prove fun, or usefull in very particular circumstances. Almost anything would do.


-Leave the most powerful recipes to true pros. I don't think we should have been able to enchant beyond exceptional by ourselves in PoE1. Maybe it would be a good idea to link the crafting/enchantment to a skill, just in order to make sure not everyone in the party can do anything just out of the blue. Because it's cringing and boring. I did have to go look for Cromwell in order to craft the Crom Faeyr and it was in the end way more satisfying than just pressing a dumb "combine" button in the inventory. I want to experiment this sense of accomplishment once again. Like it was the case for the stronghold, managing everything with a UI is lazy, and not fulfilling in the least.


Alternatively, just remove crafting. That would, at least, give more purpose to magic items you find in the game. Especially Uniques.

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I hope they have the guts to do what Elder Scrolls never would, and allow you to put the enchantment on the ammunition instead of the bow/gun. That will allow for different kinds of ammo types which you can switch around depending on the opponent. (of course then you'd have to come up with a way to empty/reload the gun in combat, but they would need that anyone if they added ammunition.)


Bow/Gun: Accuracy, physical damage (by varying the speed of the projectile, or allowing the firing of multiple projectiles at once)

Ammunition: Elemental damage, status effects


And how about allowing us to add bayonets to guns in case we get stuck with in-close combat? This would also be something else we could enchant separately.

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I hope they have the guts to do what Elder Scrolls never would, and allow you to put the enchantment on the ammunition instead of the bow/gun.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind did that. Edited by Varana

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The new enchanting system will create a greater onus on Obsidian to provide loot that each player considers meaningful.  Interesting weapons could quite possibly fall by the wayside as we level out of them.  I'd be okay with limiting lashes, and drastically reducing the amount of enchanting material available.  Unless Obsidian is very careful it will end up drastically limiting potential build variety.  This might not affect me as a consumer of their product; I'm not terribly cautious builder.  


However it will affect me as an Obsidian fan, because the most prolific, interesting, and thoughtful forum members will be negatively affected.  The most interesting content on the forum was in the build-guide section for half-a-year if not longer.  This will translate into less visits, meaning less excitement, meaning less free advertising from me.  That's not a threat or whine, just a statement of fact; the forums get near-dead and grogs keep them alive.


The other likely alternative is that Obsidian splurges on weapons, and you're picking up magic **** left and right, making loot feel less meaningful.

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Parts of it are good like unique weapons. So they are removing the lashing and slaying generic enchantments to make unique weapons which i think will be good but i think they are going to far with the quality enchantments. There was a big discussion in a previous thread.




i basically feel like anameforobsidian mentioned some of us do. It seems that the quality enchantment issue will limit choices which limit builds which limits fun in my opinion. Now it only seems this way. I love pillars so i think they could surprise me and that would be great.

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