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I am happy both for PoE2 being made as well as multiclassing making the cut.

If single class characters were to be treated closer to how multi class characters will work a lot of the balancing issues can be sidestepped.

If you were to add a second duplicate of each class which either is only available to main class characters, or as a virtual second class for single class characters.
The comparative progression of single versus multi class characters would balance out more nicely.

Consider the following example:


Class/Power source + Class/Power source


Wizard + Fighter -> Battlemage

Wizard + Wizard2 -> Wizard

Were Wizard2 could contain more horizontal progression for Wizards, and/or unlock a few perks/talents only available to single class characters. (Though this might not be necessary, and is only an additional suggestion.)

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You can have 54 points in a single power source at most.

If you would be able to select wizard2, you would be able to achieve 72 points in arcane. There is no way you would balance that under presented by JS system.

Or you would like to have arcane2 or arcane_horizontal?

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