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Thank you for Guidebook Volume 2

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It made such immerse experience for me for first-time playthrough. I always pausing the game and checking the book when I encountered something new, about the lore of a gods, customs, monsters, towns...It really made me feel like a tourist and I loved It! I hope It is going to have more pages now and please make more maps and chronological timeline index would be much appreciated.

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Kana - "Sorry. It seems I'm not very good at raising spirits." Kana winces. "That was unintentional."

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Unfortunately I can't see the physical copy of the Guidebook as an add-on at Fig. Digital copies are great, but call me old fashioned, I like a hardcopy better for some reason.


Reason is you can take it to the toilet :p


Digital copy + good printing device + book bindery = not so bad, when you consider overseas shipping costs

It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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