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How come Thaos ONLY has priest abilities

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So Thaos has a perfect memory right? That means that any training he does in his past life, he will remember exactly.


So like, if he had even an inch of common sense, surely he'd realise that he could memorise entire grimoires and become a grandmaster wizard, or alternatively learn to combine his magic with martial ability and fight like a paladin, or memorise chants and become a chanter, or train as a monk, or learn rogue techniques ect.


Like, I get his reason for being a Priest, being so dedicated to Woedica, but with thousands of years to train, and being able to remember absolutely everything perfectly, why is he exclusively a priest. Like, did it never occur to him that in thousands of years he could use this power to excel at literally everything

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He was very devoted.


PS: but consider that actually he was a pretty bad-ass priest, since he used spells (es:cleaning flames) that were too high lvl for you (in the vanilla game). But storywise he was mainly a behind the scenes pupeteer, not an Epic warrior not a legendary wizard

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Does he indeed have perfect memory? As far as I understood the special thing about him is that he remembers his past lives after returning from the wheel while every other soul doesn't. That doesn't necessarily mean that he has perfect memory.

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Given that priest is the closest thing to omnipotent class, I think this is not so bad for him.

He also got greatly improved priest abilities


Thaos also casts mass dominate and mass confusion. Dominate is usually Cipher only, and confuse is Cipher and Wizz only.

Given that he is also able to project his soul and possess anybody as long as he wants, he is actually more a priest/cipher Multiclass.


Lore-wise, maybe slaying Thaos unleashed a great multiclassing wave upon Eora, causing the multiclass potential of each soul to be unlocked.

Maybe the gods themselves locked the multiclass potential of mortals to prevent them to become as powerful as the gods.

Because, as far as remember from BGII time, Multiclass was the closest thing to divine powers...


Now THAT would be a great story for PoE2.




Somehow in this post, I slipped into crazyness...

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Based on what I remember from dev blog from before release, all the classes abilities come from soul power and characteristics. A fighter doesn't have superior martial abilities only because of his training, but also he has particular soul alignment allowing him to perform superhuman feats. A class isn't about what you can do, but about who you are. Also similar to D&D convention, when even possesing 1 level in a class is heroic in it's own right. I get the impression that this convention have been abandoned later, but it would stand for a good explanation of why anyone represents exclusively one class.

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