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Pathfinder RPG ( inspired by Tyranny, PoE)

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Hi just wondering now that obsidian has a partnership with Paizo wether this will lead to a top down isometric rpg similiar to Tyranny/PoE.

Pathfinder online (visually) doesn't really appeal (is this still in production?).

I enjoy pathfinder adventures for the game that it is, however its my lust for a D&d based co-op rpg that I am really looking for.

I've played Nwn 1&2, SCL, BG1&2, IWD 1&2, Ddo, Neverwinter. the game that appealed most was ToEE I played in it the day and then again just recently, kudos to the modding community.


I thought I just put this out there, I have my $100 to start a crowdfund if popular enough of a suggestion.

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If enough of the community wants it, then maybe Obsidian and Paizo will consider? I don't know if there is a high demand for it. Although Obsidian would probably risk having the CRPG genre too played out with PoE and Tyranny and probably sequels to those titles. Having a Pathfinder game looking just like another reskin of PoE.. wouldn't really appeal to me.

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It's something that all parties want! It's more a matter of timing, funding, and resources than anything else.

You guys should seriously move on this. I think the niche exists for a 'spiritual successor' to the Neverwinter Nights games (a highly moddable modular cRPG with DM tools, etc.) but using the Pathfinder setting rather than D&D. After all, within the NwN games the parts made by Obsidian were the best, so those games' legacy belongs to Obsidian rather than to Bioware imho.

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I've been waiting nearly a decade for someone to make a turn-based grid-based RPG using a ruleset from Pathfinder or D&D 4e/5e. The only one so far was a crappy f2p Facebook implementation that was a mostly flaming pile of garbage. And I still played it for hours anyway, out of sheer desperation.


Maybe it'll happen someday before I die? I'll join Greenville in his hobo rampage if that's what it takes. :p

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