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I heard this term in regards to soloing the bear cave at lvl 1 on potd, I think I remember doing it once in a really high deflect fighter with a hatchet and small shield, but besides that who else could prove such a man?


Side-note, he should be named Gaston. 



Whoops, I guess I mean lvl 2. 

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You can simply choose not to level up, letting you get to the bear cave at level 1.


A Wizard could probably do it with Slicken + Fan of Flames, though you'd have to get some lucky rolls. Maybe a Cipher with Whisper of Treason? Let the Bear kill her young and then finish her off once she's weakened. Neither approach is particularly "manly", though. ;)

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Wizard with arcane veil (at level 2) can take out pretty much anything in the early game, particularly when bundled with the wizard double spell.  Though, because it is using magic, not really Gaston-Like.  A Ranger's Pet could hold their own with the insane DR and DR-Bypass.  Lion with the terrify ability would shut down the bears, I imagine.  Add in a moon-godlike melee ranger to fight alongside and it would be no problem.  Stealing the plate armor from town before hitting the cave would make things much easier for any character.


Fighter should be able to do it just fine with just Rapid Recovery and Constant Recovery and high Might.  He doesn't even need a shield (in fact, I think he would do better without one since the deflection bonus of a non-enchanted shield is not very effective early game.  Just fighting with a single weapon (+12 accuracy) would be more effective at that stage.  He is tough enough to take the hits.


Monk (ideally with max CON/MIGHT, veteran's recovery, and pumped up athletics) would be the classic Gaston by punching everything to death with his bare fists.

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There are videos on youtube, of:

- cipher with antipathethic field + whispers of treason

- moon godlike monk with Torment's Reach

soloing that cave too.

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