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Is there a comprehensive list of Poison/Disease attacks?

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The thread title pretty much says it all. During my solo runs, I noticed that a lot more attacks seem to fall under the Poison/Disease umbrella than you might assume at first, particularly afflictions caused by melee attacks (stuff like the Crystal Eater's Petrify on hit or the Dargul's Paralyzing Touch). With that in mind, I was wondering if someone actually bothered to look through the game files and catalogue which attacks are classified as either Poison or Disease. Or is there a general rule-of-thumb that one can follow in this regard?

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Well you could start with the abilities/talents/spells of the party. There the description says whether it's poison or not. For enemies' stuff it's a lot more difficult, that's true.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I did a bit of testing in order to solve the mystery. Here's what I found so far.


Monsters whose normal attacks have an additional effect that counts as Poison/Disease

  • Crystal Eater
  • Crystal Eater Spiderling
  • Disease Pudding
  • Gul
  • Ice Troll
  • Ivory Spiderling
  • Ivory Spinner
  • Menpwgra
  • Pwgra
  • Skuldr
  • Spider Queen
  • Troll
  • Vithrack
  • Vithrack Exarch
  • Wicht
  • Widowmaker Spiderling
  • Widowmaker
  • Wood Beetle


Monsters who have a special ability that counts as Poison/Disease (ability name listed in brackets)

  • Corrupted Druids (Touch of Rot)
  • Dank Spore / Giant Dank Spore / Swamp Spore (Spore Disease)
  • Dargul (Weakening Rend)
  • Lagufaeth (Blowgun)
  • Menpwgra (Spreading Plague)
  • Spider Queen (Binding Web; her Binding Web differs from the normal one in that it adds a Raw DoT effect)


Monsters I didn't test yet

  • Anything from WM Part 2 (because I don't have a nearby save, and I don't know the area names for warping there with the console)
  • The constructs in Galvino's Workshop
  • Battery Sirens and Wraiths (though since none of the other Spirits have any Poison/Disease attacks, I'm assuming neither do they)
  • Death Guards (because I can't actually remember where you fight any)


Overall, it seems like the Mountain Dwarf racial ability is fairly decent for a sturdy melee character, especially if you venture deep into the Nameless Paths. It's probably still not quite as good as the Coastal Aumaua bonus, but nowhere near as horrible as it's often made out to be.


If you've found any additional monsters or abilities with the Poison/Disease property, feel free to point them out. I tried to be thorough, but it's quite likely I've missed some.



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Mountains Dwarf's "Hale and Hardy" is very useful. I used it with the Bilestomper build and (besides the nice side effect that yoi can stand in your own poison/disease AoE) things like Galvino's Hut and all the Lagufaeths became a lot easier. A lot of paralyzing and sickening or weakening attacks seem to be based on poison/disease. And lots of vessels and primordials have poison/disease attacks.


Death Guards can be found at Crägholt Bluffs (around the entrance of the tower, north of the map), inside Crägholt Tower (cave in the east) and also level 8 of the Endless Paths (guarding the throne of the fampyr who wears Argwe's Adra). As far as I remember they didn't do any poison/disease attacks. They have something called Finger of Death though. Not sure what that is.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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The Death Guards in Crägholdt Bluffs are technically Ancient Death Guards, but I doubt there's much difference between the two aside from stats.


I don't think I've ever seen them cast Finger of Death, though. Either they only use it in very specific circumstances or it's one of those abilities that's listed in the Bestiary, but not actually in the game.

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You're welcome. It really wasn't that much work with the console since I could easily just warp to all relevant areas.


Though one thing that occured to me in hindsight is that almost all of the listed attacks first roll to hit versus Deflection before the Poison/Disease effect is applied. So with very high Deflection, resistance to these effects becomes less important.

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Incoming Helig of Thein..... was googling finger of death for fun and will say they use it on low health enemies. A death guard killed Aloth on a ToI run I did once. He had yellow Health and it hit him for massive corrode damage and killed him.

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