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Thassilonian Sins - Quest blocked



  • What device type are you on? iPad
  • What version of the OS are you running?  iOS 10.1.1
  • What is your PFID#? 18FC243F81D9BF29


Story scenario played with : Merisel, Valeros, Lem, Seoni, Kyra


I was in Abujrant Halls of Envy room with Valeros, Merisel and Kyra. Valeros defeated Jordimandus and the location was closed. After that, the game proposed me to move Merisel and Kyra. Not Valeros. And at this time, Valeros is stuck. I have no options. No map to see, no button to clic on. The blue arrow do nothing and i have the message "Confirm this action" over my deck but nowhere to clic on.

I tryed to kill the app several times and restart the game, but i always come back in the same place in the same stuck.


I don't want to forfeit it. This scenario is quite difficult, frustrating and buggy too, and this is the first time that i was in situation to pass it. All locations closed except the easiest one and still 8 turn remaining. It should be a peace of cake with 5 characters. But not... another bug that stop every thing. Any chance to unblock it by a workaround or something to do?


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Also hinted at: it won't be released on Friday ('cos they don't like working weekends for some reason). So that leaves a couple of days. Sweet. I'm not holding my breath. Besides, I've pretty much abandoned PACG as I've acquired Arkham Horror: The Card Game. It's hard so play solo, but at least it doesn't arbitrarily lock me out until the next patch or block me from doing things that the rules say I should be able to do, or randomly crap on me in a manner that I couldn't possibly prepare for. I'll probably take a break until they fix Quest mode (and that's a ways off as they've said that it's AP6 and PC first).

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