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Any way to hide the Godlike's ugly faces?

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Hello everyone!


So im at my first playthrough of the game and my main character is a tanky chanter. I felt like the Moon Godlike's passive was too good for a tank to pass, and so I'm stuck with the portrait selection of 2 (....) and a free selection of 3 different, but equally butt-ugly, heads, which I found out you cant even hide with a helm or hood.


So now I ask you: is there ANY way to hide that face? Any mod to let godlikes use helms or to let you modify your appearance to another race?

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Just tried the keeper and you can't do this. Perhaps if you have a more detailed editor like the TlkEdit I use for NWN2. I don't know if what Jojobobo suggests is possible and whether or not doing so may break you character during level up. It's worth a shot I guess. Don't forget to use IEMod for this: http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/1/?

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There's a "RemoveTalent" cheat (see the wiki for more details), that should work - though I've never had cause to use it so I never tried it myself. I don't see as if any of these cheats would break the game, they don't as far as my somewhat limited testing goes.


Remember to look in the assetbundles/prefabs/objectbundles in your game's folder for all the specific ability or talent code names (e.g. Silver Tide becomes "silvertide", but silver_tide is quite a common format for talent and ability names too). You can also find all the weapon and armor names in here, in case you get bored and want to do some testing with any of them. Have fun.

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I think you can just remove abilities by console, in that case pick a different race, remove their racial - add Silver Tide and you're done. Set your attributes to what you need for the race too I guess.


One downside (or perhaps upside) to this is you'll be allowed to wear a helm.

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Why did they make such cool races so ugly for? :(

For the moon godlikes.... Maybe. But every other godlike is pretty well executed in my opinion. The nature godlike looks good (especially the one male one... You know which one), the fire godlike looks good (especially the one female one) and the death godlike look exactly as disturbing as they should be.
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And everybody knows

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