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  1. Like I said, this game is a blurry mess. I haven't played it in years but i just reinstalled it and its blurry.
  2. what format is the soundtrack on gog? Same as steam? Pillars was both mp3 and flac on steam. Was it the same on GOG?
  3. Is there a pillars equivalent to gatekeeper or shadow keeper?
  4. Its been in my Steam Wishlist for many years. EA moved almost everything to origin. I try really hard not to buy digital from non steam sources. Everybody and their mother have digital distribution apps and its a little anoying being forced to have them all installed...lol
  5. Nope, no memo's...lol I have NWN 2 but not its expansions.
  6. I had absolutely no Idea you were making games like this (or at all really) If not for Tyranny popping up in a GOG newsletter. These kinds of games have always been my favourite..lol Black Isle, Bioware, Obsidian Entertainment. Old School games like this are still awesome to me. Honestly, its not like i live under a rock or something...lol Anyways, I'm enjoying Pillars. I immediately snapped it up on Halloween and its awesome. The level of detail is incredible. I sincerely hope you continue to make awesome games like this. If you make it, I will buy...lol I'm pretty much set to by Tyranny OE on the 9th Welcome Back Obsidian and Mr. Urquhart (and team)
  7. Why not make it level scaled like Bethesda games? Extra work sure. It'd be awesome though. Have it as DLC I'll buy it...lol
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