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What "Trumps" what when playing cards to help?

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I wish I could remember all I had played.  I played at lunch time 4 hours ago then got busy with work.  The question is valid without the specifics though so my recollection may be off a little.


I was in combat.  I had a d8 & d6 for combat with a +3 trying to hit a 12.  I played a card and suddenly my d8 & d6 combo changed to 2d4 & d6 without the +3.  I cancelled and went back to the d8 & d6 with a +3.


My question is, how can I determine if a card will help another character vs the new card "trumping" what has already been played and giving me different dices & bonuses?  I'm sure it is last card played is the winner on determining dice.  I want to be sure I'm playing helpful cards and not resetting the combat dice after discovering I misplayed a card.


Had this been the physical game I would have added whatever the new card gave me without changing the dice.  That's the other reason I'm asking because the app got me re-interested in playing the physical game (which I never played all the way through so the race is on - physical game or app first).

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If a blessing boost your roll by 2 dice, it will default to that type of check even if it means lower value dice  - check what the specific blessing does and only use those kind of boosts when you have a good skill die to benefit. This will also change the skill + if the blessing changes check  from melee to ranged or something similar.


Using dice colours from the chest can help clear out what dice comes from where as well.

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Just to clarify this a bit, because it's definitely confusing, and even knowing what was going on it wasn't obvious how to fix it.


Let's say you are facing a bane that has a check to defeat of 'Dexterity 9 or Wisdom 8'. You have a Dex of d8+3 and a Wisdom of d4, so the game chooses Dex for you by default and you will see a d8 with a +3. Now someone plays a blessing that adds a die, or two dice if it's a Wisdom check. Suddenly you see 3d4 and no bonus, where you were expecting to see another d8. This is because game automatically changed the check to Wisdom instead of Dexterity. Of course you want to roll the 2d8+3. So as firestormkirby said, you can change the skill used via a drop-down in the top middle of the screen (just above the check number). Just choose which skill you want, and the dice should change accordingly.

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Hi there! Our code tries to pick the best check with the cards played, but has been off in it's logic for a little bit. I believe that this is mostly fixed in the latest update, though there are some known issues with Gorum and Calistria giving the correct dice. This will be fixed in the next update.


Lini's Shapeshifting power has often interacted strangely with this as well, but should also be addressed in the next update.

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there are some known issues with Gorum and Calistria giving the correct dice...

I mentioned it elsewhere, but since I didn't write up a separate bug, I thought I'd also add here: you should add Shelyn to that list.

You can use the 'Mark Solved' button beneath a post that answers your topic or confirms it's not a bug.

The time that devs don't have to spend on the forum is a time they can spend on fixing the game.

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