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Seoni -> Lini unintended card transfer



So, this is a strange bug. It seems that whenever I use Seoni to support a roll from Lini in some fashion (like using a blessing or other support cards), one card in Seoni's hand ends up in Lini's hand. This happens even if they are not in the same location.


I just started playing a group with both Seoni and Lini for the first time, and this is happening all the time. In case it matters, I always have Seoni in spot #1 and Lini in spot #6.

Chest count: 136

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Possibly related to recharging spells from discard on other players turn when a multi-character barrier is triggered? Not sure, but it happened again for me today. Ezrens Silhedron medallion popped over to another party member - believe it was Lini again.

Or, as op states - maybe it's just a bug with Lini somewhere?

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I'm going to bump this one 2 months after it was first raised - and STILL with no OBS acknowledgement!


Today I had Lini and Seoni at the same location. Lini met the Warrior of Wrath and Seoni used her Staff of Hungry Shadows to take the Combat check down from 27 (funny how 2D4 comes up 7 so often and yet my Wand of Enervation D4 has come up as 1 on 80% the rolls - and I have two of them in the party!) to 10. I grabbed a spell and cast it (knowing that Lini only had her 3 Inflict spells in hand) added animal trick and rolled the dice. Success!! Then the Inflict spell was Banished! Only... Oh no! It was Seoni's Lightning Bolt that was banished: it had been transferred to Lini's hand when Seoni assisted Lini. And of course the only Spells that I gained in the Scenario were Divine, so Seoni had to take a Divine to fill her quota at the end of the Scenario.


Wonderful. Just peachy.

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