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Bonus to accuracy from a survival



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Yes. Except the accuracy bonus against specific enemy types you can get from the Survival skill *does* affect spells, it is a general accuracy boost.


No. I have seen this post yesterday, and my curiosity was so high for making few experiments. So, lets get to the point.

PoE 3.03 with both expansion, steam. 4rd level party including Alot and Durance (unfortunally, i delete all previous saves before new playtrough). We going in Black Meadow and pick up acc bonus vs wilder (all party have 4 points in survival skill). Then we go for Troll-hunting and try all spells that Alot and Durance have. So, we might see in battle log, that acc bonus +10 aplied only to Minoletta minor misilles and Corrode lance, for Alot, and only for Divine mark for Durance. Any other spells have standart acc (41 in my case). Also, Distant Anvantage ability for Alot affects to all spells, if he stands more than 4 meters away from enemy.

You free to try yourself, but it tru enough - accuracy bonys from survival ability affects only certain spells and, of course, to all melee or ranged weapon attacks. I don't know how it affect on druid or cipher spell, also on chants. It's need more testing.

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Ah yes, I know what's going on then. Since the OP claimed it didn't work on any spells and as usual provided no further information, I only tested it with Minor Missiles and Necrotic Lance, which as you note work fine. But what those two and the other spells you describe have in common (and for example Thrust of Tattered Veils and Jolting Touch as well), is that they are single target damage spells which are implemented in the game using the Ranged Attack. This is also what the regular weapon-based ranged attacks use, which is presumably why only these kinds of spells (any single target direct damage spell should work) get the bonus and the rest don't. 


I suspect this is not intentional, I would think the skill is meant to affect everything. I doubt it'll still be fixed though (well, presumably in PoE2 it will be, if used there). 

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