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  1. Me developers read or for them it is indifferent?
  2. I consider that it is necessary to give an opportunity to choose the old bar
  3. I understand that. Since they decided to hide the consumables in the action bar submenu I always forget to use them. The combat starts, and whoosh, everything about figurines, scrolls, potions disappears from my mind, or I remember too late to use them at full potential. So, you see, a shortcuts wouldn't help, while a visual reminder - like the object icons right in front of my eyes - would. Yes sir!
  4. I say about a badge on the main screen yes. Why everything was complicated? It was better earlier. To connect with keys? - why everything so to complicate? I like to use a computer mouse more. which seems deeply irrelevant for abiities you've forgotten exist, but never mind that- explain this moment please in more detail
  5. Rolls with spells and the spells given from objects (from gloves, the weapon, boots...) are too far hided - it is impossible to call it fast access. Earlier everything was visible, and now they were hided. In fight just you forgets to use as they aren't visible. Why rolls and spells were hided? How to make as earlier?
  6. 1)At the Sound of His Voice, the Killers Froze Stiff -the old bug - has suddenly returned at paralysis through At the Sound of His Voice, the Killers Froze Stiff of the opponents hit from legs they won't be paralyzed. Paralysis is imposed. And the bug has worked only on one opponent from three. Before in other battles the bug didn't work. 2)Iconic Projection-happens puts damages on two times 3)quest:battle for the lock-At the beginning of fight the enemy attacks the units dogs in the beginning forces down from the soldier's legs, the wizard uses Fireball...
  7. How to remove the folder in the form of a backpack as you ceases to use spells from objects, rolls as they aren't visible. I want that was as earlier. Maybe for this purpose there is a console team?
  8. I have asked to add to the description what doesn't influence spells
  9. Add to the description that the accuracy bonus from a capability to a survival does not affect spells, and affects only the weapon
  10. In a chat damages are displayed and also on the screen of the monitor the caused damage is displayed
  11. Unless modifier of critical damages: (basic loss + different modifiers) x1,5? In yours a variante:basic loss + different modifiers + the modifier of critical damage.
  12. The there are more modifiers the it is more difficult to check.I had no modifiers of others except this ability to critical damages (strength 10).I have specified values of damages
  13. We will allow for the Fan of Flames-->if at critical damage the loss is caused less than in this range that respectively ability doesn't work(54-75,6).And this main proof.In addition it can be confirmed with the fact that in a set of attempts value of critical damage lies in this range:45-63.Also and for a fiery sword.
  14. Fan of Flames,strength 10:30-42>+20%=36-50,4 Critical damage:36-50,4x1,5=54-75,6(without Fan of Flames,strength 10:30-42x1,5=45-63 ) >It can be checked in game.
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