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Possible Bug? Adept evasion working on Deflection attacks

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Was testing go between on a riposte rogue tonight and when checking the combat logs I noticed Adept evasion triggering on standard deflection attacks (from party goers in the the black hound, poor souls). My understanding was this should only happen for reflex attacks? (spells etc). Possible go-between is the cause of this? Some procs say go-between, some definitly say adept evasion.post-152238-0-49827200-1466499560_thumb.jpg

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Ooooh - it would be so cool if this was intentional. Riposte rogue tank here I come. :)


50% grazes to misses would be supernice to outbalance the low health of the rogue. And it's also ok with Riposte - although you would actually do less Ripostes (but skip the damage altogeher). Might be  especially good together with a durganized Old Gerun's Wall (25% hits converted to grazes) and Cape of the Cheat (10% graze to miss) for a total 60% graze to miss and 25% hit to graze - and maybe 15% crit to hit from durganizes armor.


Of course a setup with Badgradr's Barricade woul be better for Riposte damage - or even dual wielding. But then you would have to rely heavily on potions or foreign buffs and that's not cool for a tank. 

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I agree it would be overpowered, but on the other hand I can't reproduce it (3.03 beta). I get Hit to Graze and Graze to Miss conversions on Reflex and none on Deflection, as intended. So either the OP is using an earlier version and it has since been fixed, or it was some kind of fluke. 

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I've tried it out in combination with Going Between, I do get the same issue now so clearly it's the combination that is bugged. It's a bit unclear on how it effectively manifests though. Out of 31 Grazes I got 10 converted to Miss (32%), as well as 18 out of 49 Hits converted to Graze (37%). Statistically speaking, a larger sample of attacks would be needed to get a better fix on the true percentages, but so far this suggests that they are elevated though not nearly at the 75% / 50% of Adept Evasion. The majority of conversions was also tagged as Adept Evasion rather than Going Between. There was some indication that the bug is intermittent, with conversions seemingly tending to come in sequences of multiples at a time. Though again, not really enough data to be sure on that, and I didn't keep track of the exact sequence (otherwise I'd probably be fitting a Hidden Markov Model to it right now :-D). 


Anyway, I'll put a thread in the Bug Report forum, maybe they can fix it before the final 3.03 version. 

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Ach OP... it would be awesome! :)

It'd be cool if AE worked on deflection attacks as well, but only if you're not using a shield (or even just a single one handed weapon.)

It wouldn't be as powerful ( since the talent works best when def-acc=50, and stacking that much defense, be it deflecrion or reflex , without a shield isn't that easy for a rogue, especially on PotD) but it would synergize with riposte and help make the single-weapon rogue/swashbuckler slightly more appealing.

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