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Any news on when Adventure 3 might be available?

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They said initially that it would be out before the end of the month of May.


They also said in the AMA that the time between releases would be "weeks." Unless AD3 pops up before Sunday, that's already not gonna be true. :) I think Obsidian really has its hands full with bugs, Quest Mode, and the dellightful little surprises they pepper this game with, so somehow fitting in a whole AD in one month's time is a tall order. If were betting money on the time of release, I'd bet June for sure, and then I'd hope that enough of the bugs are quashed by then to allow for the possibility of AD4 in July.

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Haha, yes, if the time between releases is "1 month," then I suppose it is also "weeks." :) Well, like always, I'm happy to be wrong, but I just don't see AD3 coming out before the second half of June. In addition to my "week" argument above, it also occurs to me that AD3 is the biggest and hardest of the AD's to produce. On top of the usual stuff Obsidian has to build for the AD -- scenario setups, unique scenario rules for Heroic/Legendary, movement paths for Legendary, and implementation of all the boon, barrier, monster, villain, and scenario cards -- Obsidian also has to create and test a few new things there:


1) The box-culling system


2) The fact that non-basic boons can now be chosen in deck creation


3) 22 (!) role cards


Business will be back to relatively as usual for AD's 4-6, which is why I hold out hope that those will come out faster than AD3.

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Quick someone smarter than me tell us how many combinations of parties are there?

11 characters, which options for 5, 4, 3, 2, and solo.







165 possible party combinations.

Is that right?

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A fun puzzle, Pink! You have to use combinatorics to solve that one -- simple multiplication won't do.


1-player parties: 11

2-player parties: 11×10 / 2 = 55

3-player parties: 11×10×9 / 6 = 165

4-player parties: 11×10×9×8 / 24 = 330

5-player parties: 11×10×9×8×7 / 120 = 462


And 6-player parties is the same as 5-player parties, because picking 5 out of 11 is the same as rejecting 6 out of 11. That's another 462.


Final answer, assuming no arithmetic errors: 11 + 55 + 165 + 330 + 462 + 462 = 1,485


Of course, you have to beat each scenario on normal, heroic, and legendary with each party, and there are 13 scenarios out. So let's go ahead and say there are 1,485 × 3 × 13 = 57,915 unique scenarios to play in the initial release. Back to work, boys!

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Someone play Sajan and Ezren...worst party I ever played

My first group consisted of Sajan, Ezren, Kyra and Valeros. Sajan is pretty "Meh" before Role Cards, but doing some research they say he will become beastly as a Drunken Master.

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I mean JUST those two. No support, no healers.

I will probably delete the app if I have to go through an adventure with only the two of them pre-role card award.



I played 1 scenario, or more like 2/3 of a scenario. Then I was like NOOOOOOPE! It's like a dice based fantasy version of "The Odd Couple"

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