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Bug: Longbow card persists in center of screen after undo and then is incorrectly discarded



IPad Air 2, iOS 9


Playing Black Fang's Dungeon in story mode. Merisel encounters an Ancient Skeleton henchman at the Warrens. She uses her Sneak Attack power by Recharging the Crowbar. Difficulty is 8. She then Reveals the Longbow, her only weapon. Big mistake. The difficulty jumps to 15, +3 per the ancient skeleton card, and +4 per the longbow card because the Longbow has Piercing. Realizing my mistake, I click the red X to undo this action. The difficulty goes back to eight and the crowbar goes back into my hand. However, the longbow stays in the center of the play area rather than returning to my hand.  I Discard the Crowbar (not Recharge this time) to Sneak Attack again and then just fight the skeleton using the difficulty of 8 with no weapon.  I kill the skeleton and close the location. However, at the end of the turn, the longbow still stays in the center of the screen.  Merisel draws up to her hand limit as if the longbow was not in her hand.


Next up is Valeros.  While being given a choice of beginning of turn actions, the longbow is still in the center of the screen.



I decided not to do any beginning of turn actions. When I then  look at the overall map, the longbow is still in the center of the screen.



I then look at the character cards (to find out the actual name of Merisel's Sneak Attack so I can submit this bug report) and the Longbow is no longer on screen. When I go back to the map, again, the Longbow has finally disappeared. When I go back to Merisel's location to look at her Discard pile, the Longbow is in the Discard pile even though I never used it after the undo.


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If you restart the game it seems to end up in the correct place.

You can use the 'Mark Solved' button beneath a post that answers your topic or confirms it's not a bug.

The time that devs don't have to spend on the forum is a time they can spend on fixing the game.

(Thanks to Longshot11)

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I've had similar things happen a few times, with cards either stuck in the center of the screen, or stuck on top of each other in my hand and not selectable/draggable anymore. It seems to happen when cancelling out of using/discarding/otherwise handling a card sometimes. The first time it happened, I lost my Acid Arrow to it entirely, because I just continued to play with the cards stuck on top of each other like that and at the end of the scenario, the Acid Arrow was just gone. Now I just restart the app when it happens and that seems to fix it.



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So it happened to me AGAIN. This time, I clicked on a Bastard Sword +1 against an Ancient Skeleton with Valeros. I clicked Reveal and then realized I should have clicked Discard (since Valeros's weapons that get Discarded get Recharged instead). So I clicked undo. The Bastard Sword + 1 stayed in the middle of the screen. Since I couldn't choose it a second time since it never made it back into my hand with the undo, I clicked Discard on a regular Bastard Sword and beat the skeleton. At the end, the Bastard Sword + 1 just disappeared. Not discarded, not buried or recharged or anything. Just gone, essentially Banished (even though there was no action I could have taken that would have led to the sword being banished). I quit and restarted. Nope, still gone. I forfeited the scenario, and it was still gone. Valeros just suddenly finished with one too few weapons.


It's one thing to have a card go to discard and lose it for the scenario. But when you play for a while and get a nice card like the Bastard Sword + 1 into the hands of someone who can use it like Valeros and then it just...disappears and is unrecoverable even for future scenarios..that's BEYOND frustrating. The undo feature is clearly bugged and this is the one bug that I think is going to make me set aside this game for a while--probably weeks, or until there's a patch. Otherwise, when you can just lose your gained items for no reason and can't get them back, why waste your time?


Good luck on finding and fixing this Obsidian. When the whole point of the game is to find loot and real improvements come along as slowly as they do in this game, this becomes a BIG bug. I LOVE the game--I really do, and the game overall shows a lot of hard work, but this one just burst my enthusiasm like a balloon.

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