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Cape of Escape usage out of turn



Cape of Escape doesn't seem to work right.


Merisiel has Cape of Escape in her hand, and it's the beginning of Kyra's turn.  Merisiel is at the Throne Room, and Kyra is at the Desecrated Vault.

I'm playing Black Fang's Dungeon on Legendary, and the Wildcard effects in effect are Retaliation and An Ill Wind.


Merisiel wants to use the Cape of Escape to move to the Desecrated Vault so that Kyra can give her a weapon before Kyra explores for her turn at the Desecrated Vault.


When I go to use the Cape of escape, it is not highlighted, and tapping on it brings it large, but it has no bury button.  Additionally, trying to drag-bury it sends the card back to Merisiel's hand as if I had dropped it over an inactive/non-targetable zone (i.e., nothing).


I'm playing on Android 5.1, on a Moto X phone (P30, Republic Wireless) (interface is small, but perfectly functional, this is the first problem I've had).


Pass and Play is off, Permadeath is off.


The text on Cape of Escape says "Bury this card to move, or to evade an encounter and then move.  You automatically succeed at any check required to move.", which implies that I can use it out of turn.


Photos of Issue (since it won't let me post them here): https://goo.gl/photos/Q8TKnn9GMKybBpC48

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Second that this card is not working like it works in the card game.


I should be able to bury this card to move at any time, except during someone else's encounter. This is how it works in the card game.


Merisiel is at the Wooden Bridge in Attack On Sandpoint. She defeated a Goblin Henchman and make the close check, so the location is closed. I now want to move her to an unoccupied location, so she is there if the villain turns up elsewhere. I should be able to bury the cape to move her. The game won't let me.


If I knew the game had this bug, I never would have put it in her deck, as it is obviously pointless as an evade effect in Mersiel's deck.

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Thanks for reporting this.

I hadn't encountered this in the physical game and wasn't sure if I was just thinking wrong or if it was actually bugged.

It only works as an evade, but per the text should be useable so much more often, I think.

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