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Cape of the Master Mystic proc breaks the character's actions



I've seen this at various times, and finally got a pretty reliable repro here. I'm fighting the Sky Dragon, and she starts combat with a fear thing, which always crits and interrupts my low-will Wizard PC. So as soon as combat starts, before my PC can complete her first spell, the cape procs and makes her invisible. From this point onward, my character can no longer cast any spells. While the game is paused, the little action icon for a spell will go over her portrait if I tell her to cast it, but as soon as I unpause, she cancels that and goes to AI behavior. Also won't work for daily abilities from items, etc.


However, she can still move and attack (animation appears to be broken, though - weapon is not moving in her hand, though hard to tell since she's got the invisibility particle effect so I can't see anything).


If I start combat without the cape, the character doesn't break.


I'm fairly certain I've seen this before I got this cape, so I think it must happen on other things as well.

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There's some other issues with that Cape as well:

1. After procing invisibility, the visual effect remains on the character until it dies, you rest, or you load game (so giving you a savegame wouldn't help :p)

2. The invisibility effect doesn't disappear in combat sometimes (or always?). My fighter wears the cape and once it proced in battle after everyone else was already downed and she was happily murdering NPCs that just stood still and didn't fight her at all for roughly 80 odd seconds.

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