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  1. I find that with my single-class DPS monk, my entire strategy is to use the max-level zipping around ability over and over, and if there are still guys left, blow up everybody with the Resonance ability. Torment's Reach isn't even a Full attack, and does +25% damage over a regular melee hit, so unless I'm trying to CC people behind someone, it's barely worth it. If you multiclass a monk, and he doesn't even have access to Whispers of the Wind, do you pretty much have to spend Wounds on defensive abilities?
  2. @Zaerisk thank you! I just hit max level with my main party, but then noticed that the sidekicks I never used are stuck at like level 12! Completely useless. Silly that this bug has remained.
  3. Yeap. Have arrived to similar conclusion. If instead of [swaping base_recovery with dw_base_recovery] they have just made that [there is an inherent (and additive) 50% bonus when dw], majority of tests start to fall into place, without introducing the "double effect". There are few small things, re-testing which wouldn't hurt through. For example: - 1h recovery of 32, should be reduced to 16 frames, and not 15. - dw + gloves (15%) + swiftaim (20%) + 2wpntln (20%), should result in 1.5 + 1.15*1.2*1.2 = 3.156. I.e. it should achieve no recovery with 15% malus armor; but there is actually 1
  4. I've seen this at various times, and finally got a pretty reliable repro here. I'm fighting the Sky Dragon, and she starts combat with a fear thing, which always crits and interrupts my low-will Wizard PC. So as soon as combat starts, before my PC can complete her first spell, the cape procs and makes her invisible. From this point onward, my character can no longer cast any spells. While the game is paused, the little action icon for a spell will go over her portrait if I tell her to cast it, but as soon as I unpause, she cancels that and goes to AI behavior. Also won't work for daily abiliti
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