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Best time to start White March

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 I am playing "Pillars" for the first time, I've just started Act III in main story.

1) What would be the best time to start White March I and II?  

2) Wouldn't main story be too easy after I come back from expantions?
3) Should I finish "Endless paths > level 9" before White Marches I and II or after (in terms of difficulty)?
4) Is WM part II starting right after part I? Should I play it this way?


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  1. Probably on level 7/8. So get to it right now.
  2. When you enter White March, Elmshore (Act 3), Act 4 for the first time and have a higher level than required you are prompted to select if you want level scaling or not. Thus making the game more challenging if you feel overpowered.

  3. You could leave last 3 or 4 levels of Od Nua after the White March, I think.

  4. When you finish PART 1 you need to rest outside of the White March so the second part may start up.

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1. At level 7 if unscaled. Or level 9-10 if scaled.

2. Act 2 was indeed to easy after WM1. But scaled-up Act 3 was just perfect (at lvl 10)

3. Iirc, Od Nua levels 10-14 were easier than 8 and 9. So if you have passed those, sure go all the way to lvl 14. As for the last one... Adra Dragon might be unforgiving when faced at lvl 9.

4. Answered by Messier.

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In my experience the base game becomes way too easy if you do it after doing even the first part of WM, so from a combat balance PoV, I would suggest doing the whole base game first as far as possible (do not jump into a certain ominous pit towards the end).

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Story-wise, there should be a break between the ending of WM1 and start of WM2. With that in mind, my preferred order is doing WM1 either right away if you want the new companions or between Act 2 and 3 to scale it up and avoid very easy quests when you come back (Act 2 doesn't scale). Then some or all of Act 3, then WM2.


But the difficulty is still all over the place in this game, so I'm not sure how well it works out. Depends on how much optional content you do, I guess.

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Thanks everyone.

@manageri - but colleagues above suggested, that there is level scaling in base game. So were you playing the main game with or withouth scaling after returning from WM?


Yes, I scaled things up, but act 3 is still mostly a faceroll. So are parts of white march if you do it last (part 1 in particular) but not quite as much in my opinion.

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I found this build play order worked well for pacing and difficulty on POTD


Do the following but don't level up past 4:

Act I areas (Raedric's Hold final fight maybe level 5)

Endless Paths levels 1 and 2


Do the following but don't level up past 5:

Early Defiance Bay quests


Do the following but don't level up past 6:

Most of the Act II areas with few exceptions mentioned in next bullet. This is a kinda dull period because there is a lot of content with no meaningful party progress.

Endless Paths levels 3 to 6


Do the following but don't level up past 7:

Searing Falls and Pearlwood Bluff. Skaen Temple.

Stormwall Gorge incl. Lle a Rhemen 


Do the following but don't level up past 9:

Stalwart, Russetwood (enter WM I at level to 9 in order to scale up the content)

Endless Paths level 7


Do the following but don't level up past 11:

Durgan's Battery

Endless Paths levels 8 to 10


Do the following but don't level up past 13:

Longwatch Falls 

Endless Paths levels 11 to 13

Scaled WM II content? (not been there yet)

Scaled Act III? (not been there yet)


Remaining levels:


Endless Paths levels 14 to 15

Scaled Act IV

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