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Are you going to release Tyranny on GOG?


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Hopefully, the numbers may persuade Paradox to consider GOG as a viable platform for the rest of their releases (Stellaris...).


A guy can dream.

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Unlike Tyranny, I suppose there's an additional challenge in their other games in that they'd need to decouple their multiplayer backend from Steam. For that reason I'd say it's unlikely, unless they just rip out multiplayer from the GOG version altogether, which may not be perceived in a particularly positive light.


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Hopefully, the numbers may persuade Paradox to consider GOG as a viable platform for the rest of their releases (Stellaris...).


A guy can dream.


Unfortunately the older Grand Strategy games have pretty low sales compared to other strategies on GOG, but man can really understand that, because they have very loyal Steam fan base, which are already playing their newest releases, and are not interested in rebuying/replaying older games from the series. There are not many of their fans, like me, who have never played their games before GOG :(

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Most people who wanted a DRM free copy of their early games already have them. All their older games were available DRM free for ages elsewhere- Gamersgate, primarily, since both Paradox and them were owned by the same company. If you already have a DRM free copy there's not much point in a GOG release except convenience.

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Convenience is a strong motivator.  I've got at least three retail copies of Planescape, yet I bought the GoG version of the same game, simply for the convenience of a one click install ~fully patched, that works.  (And I can say the same for most of the Gold-Box and Legend series games.)


I do plan on replacing each of my Steam games one by one as they become available on GoG, to ultimately be able to uninstall Steam permanently. New Vegas and Bloodlines were top of the list, with Disciples 3 plus expansions following it. 

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