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Radeon Pro Duo mashes two Fury GPUs together for 16 teraflops of performance


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With great power comes great electricity bill.

You can make up savings on the heating bill, I assume

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There are only 2 scenarios I can think of under which you would use a card like this, neither of them make all that much sense.


  1. Your motherboard only has a single slot for GPUs and you want to run a crossfire setup for extra performance.  This seems like an unlikely scenario given that anyone able to afford a $1500 video card is highly likely to be a power user with disposable income and people like that are likely to have a high end motherboard too, and those generally have multiple PCI-E slots for GPUs.
  2. 2-way crossfire is not enough for you and you want to run a 4-way crossfire setup with 2 of these monsters.  First off, holy ****!  Second, unless driver updates have changed things recently, anything beyond 2-way crossfire, same goes for SLI, gives very much diminishing returns.

So this begs the question, who are these cards for? (same goes for ridiculously priced Nvidia dual GPU cards like the Titan Z)

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To be fair, it says in the Ars article above:




Interestingly, while normal consumers will be able to purchase it, AMD is marketing the Radeon Pro Duo at content creators, or more specifically, VR content creators. The company has partnered up with Crytek and its VR First initiative to kit out the VR First Lab at Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul with Radeon Pro Duos, and promises to extend the scheme to the likes of Stamford and UCL at a later date. AMD also says several Hollywood studios are lined up to use the card.


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