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Any suggestions for 30 str for Pallegina? Have a helm with 3 might, but that's no good for obvious reasons hah.

Figure 10 from champions boon, 3 from stronghold rest, 2 from food leaves me needing 3 more from weapons/armor.

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Food won't stack with Champion's Boon.



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Nice idea - but I think only spells from priests, druids and wizards (all that have a "per rest" spellsystem) can be stolen and then cast. You will steal spells from chanters and so on (log says something about stealing three spells - even mentiones the neames) - but they won't be added to your action bar for some reason. It's either bugged or intended - don't know yet. Played around with my priest of Eothas and that morning star and that's what I found out so far (don't know if that's always the case). Also tested it on a barb with similar results.  

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