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Confusion about Interrupting Blows

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As the title says, this is something i find VERY confusing.


I mean, i'm making Pallegina ( or Palegina, since i'm playing in italian. And i like more the Palegina name with only 1 " l ").


Anyway, i am making a dual whielding paladin out of her, with 2 swords.


So, i'm using an armour that allows her to be fast and i rely a lot on items that gives her more life points because her low def means that she is stronger but aso more likely to take damage.


I wanted to improve her Interruption, in order to allow her to be more...deadly. You know, fast attacks and the chance to interrupt her enemy.




Here comes the confusing part : she has a interruption value of 30. After i learned the talent Interrupting Blows she still had a interruption value of 30.


So i thought : bug ?


I tryed to let her fight with Durance and when she interrupted him, i looked on the log and it said her interruption was 45. So...30 base + 15 of the talent.


That's good, but it is very confusing.


The developers should improve this, because if my total interruption is 45 why in my character sheet it still display an interruption value of 30 ?



This is misleading, let's you think that the talent is bugged while it's not that, because as the combat log showed me, it works. It's 45 and not simply 30 as my character sheet likes to say.

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UI breakdowns are a new feature so bugs are to be expected. BMac fixed a bug that prevented Second Skin to be taken into account in the DR breakdown; the fix will be in 3.02. Looks like it was a general issue with talents and breakdowns; I'm positive the fix is global.

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