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[3.01] Druid Attacks itself. Shapeshift + Returning storm.



Savefile :



1) The battle begin. We want to protect Verzano against Doemenel.

2) Ordain to transform in cat + Returning storm at same time, in the same intention (Pause).


Result after un-pause :


Yoda will start by the transfo... and... Yoda Attack Yoda ! My character attacks itself. 


Can be countered with an another order after that (re-click on returning storm for exemple). But its a major bug.


The ennemy inside... : p




Other bug with DRUID : without savegame for this (or use the same the bug above). Its a long date bug. A druid with transformation, can't receive certain bonus of the priest. Its strange but he receive the bonus a the END of the transfo.


With the +4 DR in first place. (level 1 of priest)


It is normal nerf ? Its not dark magic, a creature of the nature could be receive this bonus and the others... So, i think its a bug too.

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Hey theBalthazar,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. For the first bug we are aware of the issue and working on a fix. As for the second part, I was not able to reproduce your issue. Hiravias was gaining buffs just fine from priest spells.


If you are playing on Steam, try verifying your game cache and see if that fixes it. 


Thanks a bunch!

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Ah ! I understand the problem. I have do some test and :


The bonus is active, but not the animation (Armor of Faith for exemple). The animation re-appear at the end of the transformation. It's the reason of my misunderstanding !


Sorry, my bad for the second point !



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just curious... was your druid wielding a hatchet when he attacked himself?

I find my characters will randomly attack themselves after a combat is done if they are wielding a hatchet.


who knows.

it's pretty consistent though, and at least 2 different characters have experienced hitting themselves in the head with a hatchet.

I either have to swap weapons, or save/reload to get it to stop/


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