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Torrent's reach infectious and other glitches


Seems i'm not the only one to see this as a bug, so here it is:

Targets in the AoE of torment reach create a new AoE behind them, the result being a uber powerful move when you have a few enemies waiting in a line. I mean, I had a 20 hits and 21 crits on two rows of maybe 6 packed enemies, including two instant kills of fresh enemies at the end of the lines.

Seems some mechanics are getting broken

Also, the force of anguish seems to sometimes have AoE it should not. In this case, I had two caracters knocked prone.



And a bit later, I had this strange log, if only one victim:



The clear out abilities from enemies seems much too big in some occurrences, compared to mine.

The engagement arrows sometimes span very far, like, 10 meters (especially when one of the engaged is pushed or teleports one way or another), and the disengagement sometimes goes wild, like in these cases:






On that last screenshot, Edrin was moving from the right when it happened.


Here is a save where you can try and experiment with the torrent's reach, if the enemy are willing to position properly.

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The monk seems to really bug infested right now. Look at this:




One monk did that to me with one punch of Force of Anguish. We named this "Force of Fury". ;)

I think it's the same bug that is causing this. 


p.s.: I still won the fight. ;)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Hey guys,


I can't seem to get this to happen to me on my end and I'm using Edrin's save. Do you know what specifically happens to get this to trigger? I know both abilities are suppose to have aoe.

Whats this at obsidian.net?

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For the force of anguish bug, nothing special, I just hurt the monk until he uses it. I did not try to reproduce it with my own monk.

For the disengagements bug, I don't know, it just happens sometimes, but it's easy to miss.

For the torment's reach, all I do to get it is use it on group of at least three enemies (the more the better), but they don't present themselves in the right way very often.

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