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[3.0] Certain Hirelings Not Showing at Battle of Yenwood



I just did a complete clean and full install of POE and both expansions, and haven't ever played with mods.


I just did one run through of the battle of Yenwood field (to maintain control of Caed Nua) and found that several hirelings I had recruited (three of which might have been useful) never showed.


These were:

(1) Adaeryn Noblewoman (this one makes sense though)

(2) Fellower of Saint Waidwen

(3) Fampyr (from Raedric Quest)

(4) Brutish Warrior


Otherwise, I think pretty much everyone showed. Didn't save after the battle though cause Korgak got killed :(

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Uh, and exactly how does it work?

Currently it seems to me that only arount 5 hirelings (with a full rooster of eight) will show.

Im my case Brutish Warrior shows up, but not Fellower of Saint Waidwen nor other "common" ones

(Korgak, Mercenery Captain and a couple of ohters show up).

Is there a way to know which ones will work?


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