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Named NPC companion attributes changes reset after reload





I was experimenting with different builds for Monks in Cragholdt by messing around with Zahua in the console e.g. adding battle forged, vulnerable attack, removing other talents. I'm on the most up to date beta version of the game.


When I'm playing Pillars I like to use the NPC companions but with edited stats so that it's like making your own adventurer but you get all the story as well.


When I use the console to edit Zahua's Attributes they do not remain that way after reloading my game. Adding in talents and abilities works completely fine but the attributes revert to the default Zahua attributes every time the game reloads.


To my knowledge this was not an issue with the last stable version of the game but it's been a while since I've played now so can't confirm for certain. 



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Hey Livegood118,


I can confirm that this is happening however, the console command is not being supported. So we will not be fixing this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Thank you for your support. 


This seems like a bit of a shame really. I'd says there probably a large enough silent crowd of people in the same position as I am, though I get it if there are coding issues I suppose.


Will the option to reroll stats for NPCs ever be implemented through the inn rerolls as is the case with PCs?

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It is a shame.  Clearly someone made a decision that Obsidian Companion attributes should not be changed.  Default attributes are now enforced in the saving and loading of the game.  So I get it .... learning to work with the strengths and weaknesses of characters, Roleplay, Realism, and all that 'I don't want anyone messing with the characters I worked hard to create, define, and setup' thing.


That said, in this day and age it seems the most popular games go the extra mile to let players play how they want to play.  Witness the other Paradox titles and games like Fallout 4.  I mean if games are player tuned through the console achievements are turned off anyway.  So who cares if someone wants to min-max Aloth?  


Anyway, I don't see how making that change helps sell more games or increases player enjoyment.  If people want to roleplay it with the fixed characters, which most do I suspect, let them.  If they want to change the stats, let them.  


My 2 cents ...

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