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Regrowth of plants

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When I visit various fields, woods etc. I generally search out plants and grab them all. Some are more useful than others. Do plants "respawn " i.e. regrow over the course of the game or once picked that is it?


I'm pretty sure they don't. At least I don't ever recall picking a plant from the same spot twice.





there's a stronghold upgrade you can build which will generate random plants over time


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The game should allow us to become a farmer-slash-enterpreneur, instead of an adventurer.


One could probably make millions by establishing a Pilgrim's Crown plantation in Dyrwood ...

"Some ideas are so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them." -- attributed to George Orwell

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I think they do grow back after a while and there are traders who sell plants too... I wish you could decide which plants to grow in your stronghold botanical garden. I often need the plants needed for adding lashes to weapons - can't get enough of those.

Same here. I always seem to run out of Pilgrim's Crown and Orlan Cradle for my weapon and armor upgrades. Sigh.

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