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Crafting and my pile of unusable awesome weapons

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So on thing iv noticed is that there is allot of interesting weapons that end up sitting in my stash forever. It might be time to consider putting some kind of blacksmith (magical/soul tinkering etc...) into the game that can ether change, breakdown for parts, or otherwise permanently alter them to fit the characters i want to use.  For example: i could take a 2 handed sword and break it into 2 swords that could only be wielded together (dual wield) but would have the same stats allowing it to be used in a different build. Maybe break a 2 handed sword apart to remove magic effect X, that could be added to another weapon, or... maybe just stop making 2 handed swords 50%+ of the magic weapons in the game (or let high might characters wield them one handed like a bastard sword).  the change could make them soul bound to only the main character or something so it dose not get out of balance. 


Just a thought since im pilling up "unique" weapons. I guess you could always let me display them somewhere, like for a permanent bonus to reputation maybe :) this would tie them in nicely with the background of the weapon and from an story standpoint how cool would it be to have the legendary weapon X as a trophy that i dont even use hanging from my wall when i talk to people. 

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Great idea to display them. I never get rid of anything unique, either classified as such or clearly so by description. I can think of even better things that would interest me but probably wouldn't be worth their effort. A museum, for example, or maybe some sort of influence peddling with power brokers in the region in the form of lend/lease. I think having to deal with clever thieves, as Obs'name suggests, would be cool, or even a determined effort by a mercenary group to take them by assault or force. Having someone try to swindle me would be cool.


On the other hand, the only thing that doesn't come off as some sort of weird mini-game is the display idea, which is still cool.


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I do not have big problem with stocking weapons, sell them or keep them for times they will be used (which will never come but nevermind). And just use this couple which are good for me.


The idea of display in stronghold with rare weapons, or other relicts of fallen bosses is interesting. It is probably waste of time since it does not bring that much to gameplay, but it is interesting idea.


I would love the implementacion of special enhancements being craftable, stuff like drain, spellstrike, bash... maybe not spellstroring since that is too much variants.

+ special enhancements would require part of endangered species, even some minibosses could drop special "gems" which could be used for that legendary enhancement (but with any weapon of choice)

+ ability to name crafted loot


It is rather limiting when players choose greatswords since named loot is good and easy to get.

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