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  1. fast traveling to any location just takes you to a black screen. Sometimes I can hear music and it seems like you can click on things around the screen but it never loads the area. Any thought on how to get this to stop?
  2. The item "bliestompers" lists its properties as "*missing itemmods 461*, cor..." you should totally change this item to do something funny like eating gold or random belt buckles that have no game effect.
  3. So on thing iv noticed is that there is allot of interesting weapons that end up sitting in my stash forever. It might be time to consider putting some kind of blacksmith (magical/soul tinkering etc...) into the game that can ether change, breakdown for parts, or otherwise permanently alter them to fit the characters i want to use. For example: i could take a 2 handed sword and break it into 2 swords that could only be wielded together (dual wield) but would have the same stats allowing it to be used in a different build. Maybe break a 2 handed sword apart to remove magic effect X, that could be added to another weapon, or... maybe just stop making 2 handed swords 50%+ of the magic weapons in the game (or let high might characters wield them one handed like a bastard sword). the change could make them soul bound to only the main character or something so it dose not get out of balance. Just a thought since im pilling up "unique" weapons. I guess you could always let me display them somewhere, like for a permanent bonus to reputation maybe this would tie them in nicely with the background of the weapon and from an story standpoint how cool would it be to have the legendary weapon X as a trophy that i dont even use hanging from my wall when i talk to people.
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