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Golden Gaze: Wounding Shot and Flames of Devotion don't work





I just played around with this item and found several special attacks that don't work with it's two projectiles. For example:


- Wounding Shot: the +100% DoT doesn't get applied

- Flames of Devotion: the +50% burn damage doesn't get applied


I also have the impression that sneak attack and deathblows don't get calculated correctly. It says "Sneak Attack" and so on in the combat log, but the damage is not higher than that of a normal hit.


Maybe there are more issues - I will test further. Then I will upload a special savegame in which you can test all these cases.


Some things like Blinding Strike work with it though. Since the Gaze has two slow moving projectiles that don't hit at the same time you even get the effect that the first projectile hits, causing blindness, and the second one even hits harder because of that. It's also applying blindness which gets updated then. Also two times Deep Wounds (which also gets updated).


Till later...

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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