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[1.01-2.03] The Problem of the Charm



Hello guys,


I tried to understand how the charm work. Clarification is needed :

Most people say it is normal for the suppress afflictions don't work on the charm because this is an ennemy.

I understand that point of view , actually , if the ally unit enters enemy, we can no longer debuff . BUT ... in this case , it should be the same for Domination .

However, this is not the case. Domination can be suspended by Supress affliction.

So, after these two topics of " build" (one is mine) for understand the problem :






I try now the approach "bug".

Does charm is buggy ? or is it that this has been thought of as such by developers.

It's a question that intrigues me ^^ The charm is difficult to counter before the level 11+, for most teams . So, it is interresting to know.

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