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I can upload a file but its on all the game, include New Games. 


EDIT : Done.


Click on : Télécharger le fichier (.savegame, 4623 Ko)



1. Go talk to dark Raedric and start battle.

2. Do Nothing, the ennemy charm one of member of team.

3. Test supress affliction with one of my two priest.

4. Normally, the character(s) stay charm and its a problem !


It seems to me, the suppress affliction has no effect on the charm.

What's weird is the Domination and all of other Afflictions is countered perfectly.


Bug ?


I active the power with my priest. My allies stay ennemies with red circles. Strange. Its very annoying because there is no much counter for this thing, before level 11+.



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Well, I'm not sure if it's intended, or just a quirk of the engine, but the reason it won't work is because once they're charmed, they're not part of your team. So anything you have that works on team only will no longer affect them. And, as far as I know, there's no supress effect that works on enemies. So, unlike all the other ailments, the only way to stop charm is pro-actively, no just have the CC bounce of the Pld, then it free's the rest of the team.


Similarly, any friend only buff's your team member had start working for the enemy once charmed. I've lost to Raedrc/Bounty quest before because Kana with Shod-in-Faith on got charmed and proceeded to heal all the enemies while buffing them with Flame lash.

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Yes the problem with suppress affliction is you have to cast it on party members after the affliction has been applied. In comparison to defense vs X which can be used beforehand proactively. The only solution I can see to this problem if you don't have the necessary defense vs treachery in this case is to use the Goldpact's upgraded Liberating exhortation as a cheaper single target version of the priest equivalent aoe. Also the minor arcane reflection on wizards works well... other than that chanter's aoe will/fort aura + scroll of defense + circle of protection(as soon as combat starts before the spell lands if your casters got high dex you manage to buff before the enemy lands his dominate/charm/anything). You can start the combat with a paladin in the front since he's naturally more resistant due to faith and conviction etc.

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