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I HAD a problem with saved games not loading and here is why...



So I haven't had any real issues with the game since I got it a couple of weeks ago.  However this morning I start up the game and it crashes before it even gets to the main screen.  I load it up again and hit continue.  It loads one of my old saved game files from near the beginning.  I shrug it off and hit escape and hit load.  


None of my recent saved game files are there!


I restart the game and hit Load at the main screen instead of 'Continue'.  My recent saved games are back!  However  when I click the one I want to start at, the Load screen reverts back to the main screen.  I shrug it off thinking maybe all I have to do now, is hit "continue".  I do this the screen goes black with the gauntlet pointing and then the game crashes.  


I repeat this several times with the same results.


So I start looking on these forums, though everyone's problems don't seem to match up with mine as far as saved games go.  I decide to look for my saved games.


Here was the problem:  My C: drive is a solid state that was almost completely filled up with like 100 kilabytes space left.  For some reason even though my steam games and everything(including Pillars of Eternity) is on my much larger and "roomy" E: drive, my saved games for Pillar of Eternity are being saved on my C: drive.  


So make 5GB of space on my C: drive and VOILA! game works again.  


So if you are having the same troubles as I was, you might want to make sure your harddrive isn't full. 



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You can change where My Documents is located by right-clicking it, selecting Properties, and then Location (tab). Move it to a different hard drive if you want your save games from most games stored elsewhere (Or set up symbolic links). I've done this so that I can't forget to backup my save games when reinstalling Windows, because they aren't on the same partition as Windows anymore! >: )

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