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BUG: Sagani discusses Thaos before we know his name



This bug is a nontrivial spoiler, so it's worse than most conversation bugs.


PROBLEMTravel to Pearlwood Bluff with Sagani prior to meeting with Lady Webb and Sagani will still ask you about Thaos.

EXPECTED: Sagani should not ask you about Thaos unless you've completed the first sequence with Lady Webb.




It's not very unlikely that someone will end up going through Pearlwood Bluff before they have completed the introduction to Lady Webb and learned about Thaos. In my first playthrough, I was still several hours away from hearing the name "Thaos," and there seem to be quite a few other people who were confused by this conversation as well (based on a Google search).


Besides just having a conversation that makes no sense, this can easily become a major spoiler, because it's natural then to Google "Thaos" in case you just forgot someone's name. It's hard to do this without seeing some pretty big spoilers for what's coming.


I've encountered so many dialog issues with Sagani that I kinda wish I had just sent her to live at Caed Nua.  :geek:


Fortunately, Pillars of Eternity is so good that it's virtually impossible to truly spoil the game or the story. Nonetheless, this bug is a really bad one in my opinion—even though a dialog bug seems like it shouldn't really be a big deal. This one reveals such important information that I think it's worth prioritizing.

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Hello Sarah,


As Heijoushin has stated, this bug was fixed back in May, we are currently on build 2.02.0749, please make sure that your game is up to date.


If you are already on the current build and this is still occurring, please upload a save and an output log via dropbox so I can take a look.


Thank you for your support. 

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This happened to me too.

I did quest in the basement of the sanitorium.

When I came out somebody told me to meet Lady Hardret.

I remembered reading this bug and went to the cliff before talking to lady Hardret.

Sagani asked me about Thaos at the cliff.

I think you get the name "Thaos" from Lady Hadret.


I am not 100% sure, but I think I installed the game as 3.0.

I am not sure if I started playing before or after installing 3.01.

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