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2.01 DVD Updates Are Live for Windows and Linux

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count me in as well, no link to download expansion or update 3.0

I don't think they've done the 3.0 update yet for the DVDs


Though BAdler has said that we should at least have access to the white march part 1, but so far everyone is reporting that that isn't the case.  Will interesting to know if its the same for everyone, but I assume it is based on these posts..

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We have also released the DVD expansion for download on the backer portal. You should see it under your products. Just check under your expansion section and there should be a download link. Unfortunately, this is Windows and Linux only.

Looks like something went wrong: the download link doesn’t show on my account, only the GOG link is here.

I backed at the "Signed Retail Collector's Edition" level, I’m pretty sure this is the kind of tier that comes with the ability to download the expansion through the backer portal wink.png

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This is getting a bit silly, waiting this long with no info. I got the $140 tier which didnt come with the expansion, so how am I going to play the white march without uninstalling the game that I've already put a bunch of time into and going and buying a steam/gog version?

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