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Wrong person listed when finding secrets/traps: Always first in current selection.



This is a truly minor bug that has been around since release 1.0, which most players probably take for granted.


I tried searching for it and found no recent mentions here, so thought it was time to bring it up once again after a player in the main forum thought perception was the trap/secret-finding skill, because his main character (in party slot #1) with high perception was listed as finding everything that was found by his high mechanics character. (Which will happen a lot if you move around with the group as the main character is by default in slot #1 if you don't change it.)


The bug is:


Whenever the game reports "Hidden Object Found (nameOfCharacter)" or "nameOfCharacter has found something" in the log, the game uses the name of the first (leftmost) character in the currently active selection rather than the name of the person who finds something. This happens consistently, even if the person finding something isn't a member of the current selection. (E.g. you currently have selected #3, 5, and 6, and before that you sent #2 out scouting - when #2 encounters something hidden while moving, #3 will be listed as finding it).


The game should, of course, be using the name of the character that finds something in the log message.


If you really, really, really need it, I can go recreate it and provide you with a save game and an output log sometime within the next 24h, as it is 100% reproducible in any area with an as yet undiscovered secret and has been so since 1.0 release, but it is so systemic that it ought to be trivial to track down and fix from the description unless your code base suffers from a surfeit of spaghetti code.

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When I said death before dishonour, I meant it alphabetically.

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I spent my entire first playthrough thinking that it is my main char who discovers the traps, because of his Perception.

But the man with mechanics skill was actually Eder :)

I thought these two were a great team - one of them discovers the traps, the other disarms them.

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