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[2.0] MAJOR BUG: enemies get insanely difficult (stacking stat buffs)



I'm in Galvino's Workshop, and I started noticing that all of a sudden fights were getting really hard.


Check out the top-left tooltips in these screenshots:

1. post-58316-0-57503600-1441231419_thumb.jpg

2. post-58316-0-97101000-1441231421_thumb.jpg

3. post-58316-0-10741700-1441231423_thumb.jpg


Those are *insane* defenses. Notably, look at the difference between #2 and #3. Same exact fight, only difference is that I quit the game and started it again because I suspected something was up. Upon re-trying the fight, magically the stats for the foes got even *higher*; +48 to all defenses apparently, and notably when the game reloaded all these foes had "Barely Injured" as if they had gotten a maximum health/endurance boost upon the reload.


This is very obviously buggy behavior. I was eventually able to win fight #1 using lots of debuffs, but the fight in #2/#3 are clearly impossible. Nothing will ever be able to penetrate 250+ stats like that.


Clearly some kind of difficulty adjustment is being applied repeatedly, possibly upon every single reload. This maybe a Galvino's Workshop/area-specific behavior, since I've cleared the area to the west and east of Stalwart and the rest of Durgan's Battery opening area with lots of reloads without running into insanely hard fights.


Here's my dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qnm3o7gwuwrglac/AADm6WLTXOWvmt8zYctXSmjJa?dl=0


I've been able to stomach a lot of the bugs that cropped up with 2.0/White March, but this is insane. The game is literally unplayable now.


In case it's related: i'm playing on Path of the Damned and I selected "High Level" when entering the White March; party is level 13. (I hit level 13 while in this general area, so it might also be related to that, since every other area [where I had no problems] I was at level 12.)

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Even though I did not experience this, I'm pretty sure it has already been reported and acknowledged by QA. Hopefully the upcoming patch will fix it.

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