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"Amateur" song covers that are surprisingly good or outstanding


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You know how it goes. You youtube search for a song, hoping to listen to it, and instead you discover that the song itself is protected by 40 walls of copyright, and instead youtube wants to feed you multiple cover versions people have done, most of which are **** or just don't do it for you.


But what about the ones that are good? I mean REALLY good, to the point where you want more?




Making this thread because I recently discovered that if you want to find the mystical land of nonstop good coverage, look up Cowboy Bebop covers:












Was incredibly surprised and amazed to see how consistently the quality of Cowboy Bebop covers was actually good. That one even involved someone writing english lyrics for a Japanese song, yet the lyrics are actually really ****ing good. Expected to cringe, instead I favorited. The old spaniard with the guitar also threw me off cause the intro "sample" tune is so basic, and yet his actual song cover is just freaking amazing.

But yeah, what are some song covers you've come across that you actually loved?

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System of a Down - Chop Suey clip at about 49 is remarkably spot on, IMO. The other songs are probably good, too, but I don't know them (not really being a metal/rock person). Most of his covers for other genres are at least pretty decent, too.


(e): Funnily enough, me and my friend were looking for terrible Let It Go covers to listen to for kicks, and we found a metal cover of it by him, which is pretty good in itself (although really silly, :p).


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The fragile is definitely one of my favorite albums ever made, so much soul and so many A+ songs, though I have to admit ''Year Zero'' is a very close second.

Still, my new favorite is With Teeth.

I'd say the answer to that question is kind of like the answer to "who's the sucker in this poker game?"*


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