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I have some questions about Wizard in general, and some tips for my kind of vision about my character. In general i want a Wizard, that stays mostly at secound or even third line, but deals much demage and here i have some questions.


1. What is the best (in you opinion) stat menagment for this kind of build, i know that probably Might, but im asking about more stat distrubution in general, for example if you where playing this kind of a wizard, how many might, intelect, resolve, dex you would you take ?


2. What type of armor would you guys recomend for this type of character ? Im personaly thinking about something between Robe and Breastplate, im not asking of course about protecion and speed reduction only, but also about possible enchantments good for Wizard, from what i seen in wiki, Robes have best enchantments for Wizard ? Im right ?


3. I know that weapon is not most important thing about mage, especially at later levels. But at the begining weapon is possibly some times life saver (Becouse lack o spells), im personaly thinking about gun Blunderbuss, is taking this weapon for mage have any sense ?


4. If my build in general would be a mage in robe with blunderbuss what type of talents would you take ?


5. Skill question, I knew that takeing few point in athletics is a good idea, also lore seems to look good. My question is about Mechanics (in witch Wizard gets one) and survival, which is better in your opinion ? I personaly dont see my Wizard disarming traps, sneaking etc. If i take Athetics (4 point) Lore (10) and rest to Survival it whoud be good option ? Im asking not only about cold tactical calculation, but alsto about how many times those skills are used in dialog ?


6. Dream Team, what is your perfect team for a Wizard, expecionally Wizard with a Gun, and also how whoud you equip/ and develop rest of your team ?

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Not really answering your question, but I have a suggestion for you.


If you are still on 1.06 (not the patch beta version of the game) you can use IEMod. This will allow you to take a fresh custom companion and put their level to 12, plus give them items. You can recruit custom companions from the first inn at Gilded Vale. You can also give yourself money to buy stuff from the blacksmith. Or put your own character's level to 12, and you can recruit level 11 companions. You can then test them out in the Temple of Eothas, or even on other custom companions.


Im not advocating cheating. Just make a savegame specifically for testing character builds. Once you're happy start a new game, or continue playing from a previous savegame.


I did this before settling on all of my character builds. With my tank characters who had high deflection, I was able to test the damage and accuracy of my other companions when attacking them.


I can share a character build testing savegame with you if you like.


Now to answer your actual questions:


Some of your questions really depend on the difficulty level and the playstyle.


1. This depends on the role of the wizard. If theyre just going to be at the back, and mostly out of harms way then you really only need might and intellect. Dex is helpful but not essential. Might and intellect will allow you to get the most out of your spells, which are limited in their amount of uses. Dex will help cast them faster and increase weapon speed, but those are less important than maximising the effect of your spells. Also wizards have very low endurance and health. So if you want them to survive consider increasing constitution. Wizards get a spell that increases their endurance quite a lot, so you can self buff with that instead of increasing constitution.


For a balanced build you can try Mig 16 Con 16 Dex 10 Res 10 Int 16 Res 10


2. Armor should vary depending on where they are located during battles. For backrow robe is probably get away with. Second row you will want something heavier, like leather. Front row heavy plate, bringandine etc.


3. Early on you will really suck with a weapon because your accuracy will be quite low. I think you can buff your accuracy though. If you actually want to hit things use a +accuracy weapon like a spear, dagger or club in one hand only. Blunderbuss is a popular weapon for any class, but keep in mind the reload time is long and theyre hard to find in Act 1.


4. Not sure


5. I personally only use stealth and athletics for all my characters, except for my main who increases mechanics instead of stealth. I think mechanics is better than lore, because I think scrolls make combat too easy.


6. Wizard + anything thats isnt OP. Maybe duo with a priest or druid or chanter. That could be an interesting challenge.

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Stat importance: IN>DE<MI


If your DE is high enough you can even take plate if you feel you die too often


Blunderbuss is alright, but so is arquebus and war bow


Not enough wiz-experience for me to answer that


Mechanics is generally better than Survival, but in a full party your frontliners are better off with it, since they get to the traps first


Doesn't matter that much.

Most op is a team with 2 tanks and other casters.

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1. Depends if you like more CC or Blast. Might, Intelect > Dex> Resolve>Con, Perc

However in 2.0 importance of Perc will jump up, so better not split it.

Sample split 1.06: M 17 Con 8 Dex 12 Per 8 Int 18 Resolve 12.

2.0 ready split: M 15 Con 10 Dex 12 Per 12 Int 16 Res 10

Pick whatever race/origin sounds cool for you.

Stats are not that important. Having 2 more or less in choosen stat is not that important.


2. I ended with leather armor (15%). SInce there is always some random dmg going on, like arrows or lost enemy or aoe. Dead wizard deals 0 dps.

At the very begining  you may use heavier armor since its harder to control/body block enemies.

All armors have same enchancements options. Also you do not specialize in armor type.


3. Sceptres/Rods are good since they combine all type of threshold types (slash, pierce, crush). You can even pick Weapon Focus Noble to spec both and Blast to make them aoe.

Wizards do not have anything special to buff firearms, but you can use them if you like.


4. Weapon Focus Raffian, Gunner, Penetrating Shot, Marksman.

This is for Firearms.

Blast, Penetrating Blast, Favorite element Talent (fire and corrosive is nice), extra spell use especially for level 1 and 2 which could be used per encounter.

More classic wizard.


5. You need one party member with mechanic. Could be PC.

Lore have more dialogue options but that is not big deal.


6. Wizard, Druid, Cipher, Priest, Paladin, Chanter. Last two as meatshields.

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So what spellcasters are better with guns and firearms ? Druid ? Cipher ? Priest ?

Cipher Wood Elf is popular. Cipher have talents which increase dmg from any weapon (including firearms). Also Cipher baseattacks more than other casters, and dealing more dmg in autoattack helps cipher casting.


Magran (Godness) Priest could pick talent with +10 Acc to Arqueburst. However there is scripted companion Magran Priest very early in the game, so making another is optional.

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