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Have a few questions

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Hey all!


I have a few questions about some things that bug me, or that I just don't understand.


First thing is the adventures you can send your dismissed party members out on every so often.


I've got Aloth out now on a Major Adventure and it's got 3 turns left to go...  Problem is, it started with 3 turns to go and it's been close to a week game time!  Just how long is a turn during these adventures?  This is the first one I've sent anyone out on, and I'm not seeing the point if they never finish.



Second thing...  What the hecks up with Defiance Bay???  I've never been so confused by a game in my life!  Seems like a new side quest opens up with each step I take.  I do enjoy side quests, but these have got my head spinning....  Is the game past this Bay bit more understandable?   Would I be better off skipping all these side quests and trying to get on with the main quest?  That's pretty much the course I'm leaning to at this point.


Am I the only one dazed and confused by Defiance Bay?


Thanks in advance for any and all answers folks!



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Turns only pass when you progress or complete Tasks and Quests.


Defiance Bay can be a bit bewildering, yeah - it's probably got at least as many sidequests as the whole rest of the game combined. Most of them don't matter much, although you will need to do the quests for one of the three factions (Doemenels, Dozens, or Knights of the Crucible) to progress the main quest past a certain point.


That said, problem (b) may help you solve problem (a) - wrap up some of the easier quests, and Aloth will be back promptly.

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I usually try to have two or three hired adventurers at the keep to send on those party member quests.  I like to play with the pre-made party members so try to keep them free in case I need that particular member.  Turn base confused me and I appreciate those who understood it and have explained it.


Defiance Bay can be daunting there are so many side quests available. Just talking to named NPCs can reveal a quest (not the Backer NPCs but others).  It is a major area in the game.

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Generally speaking, you can do quests in the order and in the time frame that suits your tastes and desires. Your quest/task log identifies main quests and side quests, so I would simply take a deep breath and do the quests that interest you or are most convenient at any particular time. Don't panic about the sheer number of quests. Just start doing them and the list will go down soon enough. That's if you're a completenic. However, I will say that you might want to do those quests that interest you within the act that you get them. Some can't be finished straight away and will only progress in different acts, but there might be areas that are temporarily inaccessible as the story progresses, so you don't want to leave things hanging. On the other hand, you should find it pretty easy to complete the game without excessive side-questing.


Happy hunting!

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Grom, as others noted, check your journal, as the quests are sorted by type (main, side, etc). So just do whatever ones strike your fancy and, like gkathellar said, the turns will roll with each completed quest/task. There's no urgency, as the main quest doesn't have a timer.

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Thanks for the reply everyone! I had no idea the adventures were tied to the quests I do. I'll start to work on them and see what happens.


NAKIA: I'm playing with a home grown party, don't have any of the premade guys at all. I have Aloth and that fighter from the hanging tree, Can't remember his name, waiting at the keep. I've been thinking about putting that Chanter guy in the keep as well. If Aloth gets back from his adventure I may do so.


So... looks like it's side quest time for me! Onward!!

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Re: number of quests in Defiance Bay - It's a BG2 thing - reminds me very much of Chap 2 in that game as well - suddenly ever Tom **** and Korgan has something for you to do and the way they talk it must be done immediately and many of them you only had to venture fairly close to them to be subject to a forced conversation describing their woes - perhaps my biggest gripe with that excellent game - of course much like this game almost none of them actually have any particular time frame associated with them so you could do them as you pleased (or not do them at all if you were ready to give up phat loot and experience)  8)

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For me personally, the side quests are the real meat of the game. As Wanderon said, Defiance Bay is very reminiscent of Athkatla in BGII. I am still only in Act II due mostly to being a compulsive RPG restarter, but playing through all the Defiance Bay quests has gotten me finally completely hooked on PoE. They did a good job of avoiding making the side quests all a bunch of fetch quests, and added some nice twists and multiple solutions to them.

And as dense as Defiance Bay is, it is nothing compared to Sigil in Planescape: Torment. That game is ridiculous with the side quests, and I love it!

I guess my point is, why not just take your time and enjoy all the content that's in the side quests. Or if they're not your thing, most of them are optional and can be skipped.

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